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Engine Repair & Diagnostic

Find Out Why the Check Engine Light is On

Engine Repair & Diagnostics in Des Moines

Modern cars have come a long way in terms of convenience. Today, your vehicle alerts you when tire pressure is low or if it's time for an oil change. But for as convenient as dashboard warning lights are today, there's still one alert that causes frustration and panic.

The check engine light tells you something is wrong, but not what. Many motorists delay an engine diagnostic out of fear of an expensive repair. Others put off a diagnostic on the assumption that whatever is wrong must not be that important.

The good news is that your engine light can turn on for a number of reasons, including small ones like a loose gas cap. Regardless of the cause, it's always better to know what's going on with your vehicle than wait and need a more expensive repair service later.

Hilltop Tire Service provides engine diagnostics and repairs for Des Moines, Pleasant Hill, Altoona, and surrounding areas.

East Location

Downtown Location

*Engines are serviced only at these two locations.

How Does an Engine Diagnostic Work?

A service technician connects to your vehicle using a special diagnostic tool. This tool reads and interprets the code associated with the check engine light, giving the service staff the information they need to locate the problem. After we understand the cause of the problem, you can ask for an automotive repair estimate. We only do work with your permission.

What are Common Engine Problems?

The check engine light leaves a lot of room to the imagination. Here are some of the most common engine problems that trigger the notorious light:

  • Failing oxygen sensor
  • Loose gas cap
  • Worn catalytic converter
  • Bad spark plugs and wires
  • Failing mass air flow sensor
  • Bad ignition coil
  • Dying battery
  • Bad exhaust gas recirculation valve
  • Faulty vacuum hose

Find out what's wrong with your engine and extend its useful life by seeking a diagnostic and repair service. At Hilltop Tire Service, we'll work with you to restore dependability to your vehicle. If you have any questions or concerns about engine service, don't hesitate to call your east or downtown location and talk with a friendly member of our service department.

Your car is an important part of your lifestyle. You can keep it longer and save money in the long run by taking good care of it now. You might just need to turn your gas cap tighter or replace your car battery.

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