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Batteries in Des Moines

Hilltop Tire Service can replace your car battery exactly when you need us to, you don’t even need an appointment. That’s because we stock a large variety of Interstate Batteries for all our customer needs.

Hilltop Tire Service has three locations so wherever you are in the metro, you don’t have to go far. We have locations downtown, in northeast Des Moines, and in Johnston.

If you have trouble starting your car in the colder months, plan to get your auto battery replaced before it leaves you stranded. To keep working correctly, car batteries should be replaced every 5 years. Call us today, together we’ll find the right battery for your vehicle. Hilltop Tire Service will normally complete your battery replacement service in 30 minutes, for about $100. You can also come in to get a FREE charging system test to determine if you need a new battery — or if it can wait.

Two of our more popular auto batteries are the Mega-Tron Plus 24 Automotive Battery and the Mega-Tron 24 Automotive Battery. We have many more to choose from, but these have worked extremely well for our customers in the past.

Three convenient locations: downtown, in northeast Des Moines, and in Johnston.

Mega-Tron Plus 24 Automotive Battery

This top-notch model is highly rated and competitively priced. Its 800 cold cranking amps provide a long life span and great performance within cold and moderate climates. The Plus 24 will exceed your vehicles requirements — and your expectations. To top it all off, it comes with a 30-month free replacement promise and a six-year performance guarantee.

Mega-Tron 24 Automotive Battery

Similar to the Plus 24 above, this is another highly rated product. It has a few less cold cranking amps at 600, but if you live in a moderate to hot climate, it will still go beyond your vehicle’s starting requirements. In addition to its power and performance, it comes with a 24-month free replacement plan and a five-year performance guarantee.

So whether you need a replacement battery for a 1964 Chevy or a 2015 Ford, Hilltop Tire Service has what you need. Stop by or call us today!

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