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12 Helpful Vehicle Hacks that will Make Your Life Easier as a Driver

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12 Helpful Vehicle Hacks that will Make Your Life Easier as a Driver

We spend a lot of time in our vehicles. Things get messy, broken and in some cases dangerous, if we don’t keep our car organized and well-maintained. So check out these cool tips that will make your experience as a vehicle owner even better. From cleaning DIY’s to clever storage ideas, these “hacks” will be sure to keep you smarter and safer on the road.

1. Fuel Tank Memory.

Ever get to the pump and forget which side the gas tank is on? The easiest way to remember is to look at your gas gauge. The gas light has an arrow pointing to which side your gas tank is on.

2. Bug Off.

Sometime even a good car wash won’t get all the bugs off your front bumper. Use a dampened dryer sheet to buff those bugs right off.

3. Pin It.

Dip a clothes pin in your favorite essential oil and clip it to an air vent. Use a pine scent and it’s been proven to help you stay awake on long trips!

4. Done and Dusted.

Coffee filters make the best dusting cloths because they are made of lint-free paper. Keep a stash in your glovebox for quick and easy dusting.

5. Pasty Clean.

Over time, headlight covers become oxidized or dim looking. This can cause major danger with night time driving. Rub toothpaste and a bit of baking soda on the headlight covers to make those dull headlights shine bright as new.

6. Bag it.

Scraping ice off your car in the morning during the winter months is no fun. Help yourself out by placing a plastic bag over each mirror, this will protect them from the weather and make your scraping job easier.

7. Point to the East.

This one can be a little tricky. If you park your car pointing east, in the morning, the sun will warm your windshield and make defrosting time much less.

8. Between a Rock (chip) and a Hard Spot

A chip in the windshield can be an annoying costly repair. Slow the chip in its tracks with clear nail polish painted over the chip on both sides of the windshield.

9. Pool Noodle Soup For Your Car.

Fasten pool noodles horizontally along the inside of your garage walls, so when you open the car door, it will have a soft place to land.

10. Tilted View.

If you suffer from car sickness, try tilting your head to the side and it will go away.

11. Penny for your Thoughts.

At Hilltop Tire Service, we recommend replacing your tires when the tread is 4/32 of an inch or lower. Check the tread depth of your tires with a penny. Stick a penny in the treads, Lincoln’s head first. If you can still see his head, your tires treads are too low and need to replace your tires ASAP. If Lincoln’s forehead is covered, you’re safe to drive on them as is.

12. Cereal Box & Beyond.

Trash can accumulate quickly in a vehicle, especially if you haul kids around in it. Get a plastic cereal container and use it as a designated trash can. Even comes with a lid to keep in any bad odors.

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