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Wheel Alignment

Whether your vehicle needs a front wheel alignment, two wheel alignment or all 4 tires aligned, we've got you covered!

You should have your vehicle's alignment checked annually. Call us today to schedule an alignment - it normally takes about 45 minutes and starts at only $80 or get a FREE alignment check today!

Hilltop Tire now has three locations in the metro, so wherever you are, you don’t have to travel far. We have locations downtown, in northeast Des Moines, and in Johnston.

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What is a FREE Alignment Check?

Our trained technicians will do all the necessary tests to see if your vehicle is out of alignment or not. If it is, we'll get your vehicle aligned and driving like new – but we will not do any work until you give us the go ahead.

How do I know if I need a wheel alignment?

The best way to find out if your vehicle is out of alignment is to get your alignment checked by one of our trained technicians, or you may have already noticed the telltale signs that you will need an alignment.

Wheel Alignment Des Moines

Is your vehicle drifting or pulling to one side of the road or the other? If you have to keep pulling the wheel back into line on a straight road, most likely you need an alignment.

Are your tires wearing unevenly? Check to see if your tires are wearing as evenly on the right side as they are on the left or in the middle.

Why are Wheel Alignments Important?

  • Improve tire life – if your vehicle is out of alignment, your tires will wear unevenly causing them to wear out faster.
  • Easier steering – your vehicle will drive straight down the road, you won’t need to keep pulling the wheel back into line.
  • Increased gas mileage – Your vehicle has to work harder when it is out of alignment therefore using more fuel.
  • Smoother ride – if your vehicle has poor alignment, your steering wheel may shake or vibrate.
  • Safer, more secure driving – With bad alignment your vehicle will lose traction which could cause you to hydroplane on wet roads.

How does poor alignment happen?

Many factors can affect your vehicle’s alignment. It could be something as small as rubbing up next to a curb or driving over a pothole to something as major as a car accident. Your vehicle needs immediate attention if you notice uneven wear on your tires or problems with steering.

There are 3 different parts of an alignment:

    Caster: An incorrect caster angle causes loose or difficult steering.

    Camber: An Incorrect camber angle will create pulling and tire wear.

    Toe: An incorrect toe angle will wear down your tires.

Hilltop Tire Service proudly serves the Wheel Alignment needs of customers in Johnston, IA, Des Moines, IA, Altoona, IA, and surrounding areas.

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