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Tire Repairs

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Tire Repairs

Most Des Moines vehicle owners have had a flat tire. You all know it's a pain and usually happens at the most inconvenient times! Keep in mind that the tires on your vehicle are important. So making sure they are in good condition isn't just a big safety issue – it also has a financial impact. With high IA fuel prices, you’ve probably heard the importance of keeping your tires at the proper air pressure to get better fuel economy. In addition, proper inflation promotes even tread wear which prolongs the life of your tires.

There is also danger with under-inflated tires. Low tire pressure will put added stress on the sidewall of the tire, causing it to weaken. In addition, under-inflated tires generate more heat which also reduces tire life. So get that tire with the slow leak fixed quickly to avoid tire damage.

Sometimes a flat can be avoided. Take a minute each time you gas up to visually check your tires. Look for slashes, missing chunks, nails or screws in the tread or just uneven tire wear. Don’t forget to check the air pressure too. By noticing something early before it becomes a real hazard will save you time and money down road.

There are times when a tire cannot be repaired. Bring your tire to one of our locations to have an experienced service technician look it over. We will always repair your tire whenever it is safely possible to do so or advise you if it has to be replaced. So watch those curbs and keep the air on the inside of your tires!

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